Classic cameras bought, sold and repaired

Whether you are a photography enthusiast searching for equipment or have an old camera that you don't want anymore, call CKO Photo.

We specialise in the purchase and sale of classic cameras, particularly pre-1980 SLR models. We also stock a small range of accessories including lenses and tripods.

All models are welcome, and we pay good prices on your unwanted photographic equipment. For more information, call or visit CKO Photo .

Camera repairs

Quality repair service for most cameras.

As photographic equipment experts, we have the skills and knowledge required to replace broken parts, repair casings, mechanisms and lenses, plus other accessories such as flash units, to ensure your camera is returned to you in good working order.

If you have an old camera that needs repairing, bring it to CKO Photo.

Do you have an old or unwanted camera that cannot be repaired? Don't bin it! We may be interested in your broken cameras to salvage for parts - call today and see if we can help.

We pay good prices for you old cameras and lenses. Please contact us to see how  we can help. Please  note that there are many thousands of cameras and  lenses out there, so we may not necessarily be interested in some very common or  basic cameras and lenses.

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